I Created a macOS App to Aid in Productivity

Introducing PixlPal

PixlPal is a macOS application that I developed to make it easier for designers, developers, social media influencers, YouTubers, streamers, video professionals, and anyone who works with colors to capture any color on their screen and automatically save it to their clipboard. With support for various color formats, including HSL, RGB, and HEX, PixlPal is ideal for anyone who needs to work with colors in their daily work.

Who is PixlPal For?

PixlPal is designed for anyone who works with colors on their computer. Here are some examples of who could benefit from using PixlPal:

Web designers and developers: If you work on websites or web applications, you know how important color is for creating a great user experience. With PixlPal, you can easily capture any color on your screen and use it in your designs and code.

Graphic designers: Perfect color is critical for any graphic designer. PixlPal can help you capture any color on your screen quickly, making it easy to use it in your designs with just a few clicks.

Social media influencers: As a social media influencer, it’s essential to have a visually appealing brand. PixlPal lets you capture any color on your screen and use it in your social media posts and stories, helping you create a cohesive look across your platforms.

YouTubers: Eye-catching thumbnails and graphics can make a huge difference for any YouTuber. With PixlPal, you can capture any color on your screen and use it in your video editing software to create a look that’s sure to get attention.

Streamers: A visually appealing stream layout can help you stand out from the crowd. PixlPal allows you to easily capture any color on your screen and use it in your streaming software, so you can create a layout that matches your style.

Video professionals: Color is essential for creating the right mood and atmosphere in any video. With PixlPal, you can capture any color on your screen and use it in your video editing software, helping you to create a look that matches your vision.


PixlPal offers several key features that make it easy to capture colors and use them in your work:

Select any color on your screen: With PixlPal, you can easily capture any color on your screen using a simple color picker tool. This makes it easy to capture colors from images, websites, and other digital content.

Automatically save selected color to your clipboard: Once you’ve selected a color, PixlPal will automatically save it to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into your design tools or other applications.

Choose between HSL, RGB, and HEX color formats: PixlPal supports several popular color formats, so you can select the one that works best for your needs.

In addition to these features, I’m working on several new features that I plan to release soon, including a Windows version of PixlPal, a color history feature, and screen measurement tools.

Get PixlPal

To download PixlPal, visit my GitHub repository and click on the latest release. From there, you can download and install the application on your macOS computer.

Future Plans

In addition to the features I’m working on now, I’m also exploring several other ideas for PixlPal’s future development, including:

Windows version: PixlPal is currently only available for macOS, but I’m working on a Windows version to make it accessible to even more users.

Color history: With the upcoming color history feature, PixlPal will allow you to easily access previously selected colors, so you can quickly reuse colors without having to select them again.

Screen Measurement Mode: PixlPal’s upcoming screen measurement mode will allow you to measure distances in pixels on your screen with precision, whether you’re measuring images, divs, buttons or any other element. This will make it easier for designers and developers to ensure their designs are pixel-perfect, and will save them time by eliminating the need to use external screen measurement tools.

Support for additional color formats: In the future, I’m planning to add support for additional color formats, such as CMYK and Pantone, to make PixlPal even more versatile and useful for designers, developers, and other professionals who work with colors.

Stay tuned for more updates and new features as I continue to develop PixlPal!